The Church of England’s Charter on relationships and sex education is a missed opportunity

Dec 1, 2019 by

by Andrea Williams, Christian Today:

The Church of England has a God-given opportunity and responsibility to set the culture of its schools in line with the teaching of God found in the Bible. But instead, it consistently capitulates to the spirit of the age as, for example, expressed in statute by the Equality Act.

Its new Charter for Relationships, Sex and Health Education fails to protect teachers, governors and children who wish to state and uphold the Church’s own teaching on marriage and family.

It also represents a missed opportunity to bring the good news of God’s purposes and pattern for human relationships to the confused and toxic environment in which the one million children they are responsible for are having to grow up.

Bizarrely, the document starts by selectively quoting two verses of scripture that would radically undermine the position it goes on to state.

Genesis 1:27 is first quoted: ‘So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them’ but the document omits ‘male and female he created them’ – a truth at the heart of the transgender debate raging in our schools and society.

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