The Church of Scotland Heresy Hunters

Nov 17, 2019 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

A Church of Scotland minister has found himself in trouble during Britain’s General Election. The Rev. Richard Cameron from Glasgow appeared on the news heckling Jeremy Corbyn and has paid the price. He has been suspended by the Church of Scotland and put on ‘administrative leave’. Other than this being one of those election stories that blows up one day and is usually forgotten the next, this is a story that reveals a great deal about both church and society in Scotland today.

As soon as the comments went on mainstream news, the Labour press team went to work.   They searched Cameron’s social media and found what they considered to be gold. Immediately Owen Jones and others started a Twitter storm about the Rev being a ‘far-right’, ‘hate filled scum bag, homophobic and racist’.

Given the publicity, I did wonder if Richard Cameron was a somewhat unbalanced eccentric who was getting what he deserved. But I also reflected on the fact that social media is a vicious hotbed of lies, and our dumbed-down society is very quick to jump on any bandwagon and just accept as truth, accusations which are made without foundation. After all I have found myself being accused of the very same things.   So I decided to investigate and I looked at his Twitter feed. Now let me stress that I do not know Richard and therefore cannot and will not make any comment or judgement on his ministry, personality or character. I am just commenting on what he has been accused of on the basis of the evidence we actually have.  I must admit I warmed to him when I found that the Humanist Society had complained to the C of A about his critique of them – ironic given the C of S’s unholy alliance with the Humanists over education!

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