The decline of madness

Aug 5, 2022 by

by Jacob Phillips, Artillery Row:

The only public medical clinic in the UK authorised to prescribe puberty blockers to people under 18 was ordered to close this week, further cementing the UK’s reputation as a centre of “gender critical” convictions, or “TERF island”.

The soon-to-close Gender Identity Development Unit is run by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust’s announcement has of course been met with wildly different reports. Mainstream outlets like the BBC and The Times seem clear enough that the problem was not merely spiralling demand and long waiting times. Rather, it is about the de-transitioned Kiera Bell’s High Court win against the clinic’s use of puberty blockers, and the damning findings of Dr Hilary Cass’s independent review that followed it.

Nonetheless, Stonewall publicly celebrated the decision to close the clinic, claiming the move was a decision to “replace” the clinic to meet rising demand. Pink News even implied that Cass’s recommendation that more research into “life-saving” puberty blockers was critical, as a public validation of the controversial medication’s manifold benefits and healing potential.

Such conflicting reports add to the general sense of disorientation and confusion that attends society’s most entrenched and controversial battles. For both sides, the correct interpretation is merely a matter of common sense, but this state of affairs is inherently contradictory. What is being considered sensible is not held in common, this is the problem.

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