The Decline of the Church in Scotland – The Times Report and Response

Jul 4, 2017 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

On Saturday The Times carried this extraordinary article.  (Kudos to The Times for taking this seriously and carrying this – unlike most of the rest of the Scottish press!).  To the delight of the Secularists it announced that almost 60% of Scots say they have no religion, the C of S has declined in the past 17 years from 35% to 18% of the population, Catholics from 15% to 10% and other Christians are now 11%.   What was fascinating is that 74% of young people say they have no faith, which is not surprising given that 80% of them say they have been brought up in non-religious households.  Atheist indoctrination begins at home!

None of this was news or surprising, but what was breathtaking was the solution offered by the ‘experts’. Ian Montagu, a researcher, stated “If the kirk is able to push through liberalising measures such as allowing ministers to oversee same-sex marriages ceremonies, it is possible that its appeal may broaden to younger, more socially liberal Scots”. Rev Norman Smith’s response was just as bad….the usual denial, relying on invisible Christians….’Other surveys show that Christianity continues to have an impact on people’s lives”; and claims that it just needs to adjust how we get across the message. No-one is facing the elephant in the room that the C of S having largely neglected the message of the Gospel and done precisely what Mr Montague urges, has found itself without a message to declare!

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