The Divided States of Transgenderism

Jan 14, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

AMERICA is certainly at the forefront of the transgender debate. It is made complicated by much of it playing out at state level. Welcome to a new world where you change sex as you cross a state boundary? I’m reminded of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy where you step through invisible holes to exist in different universes in the same physical space. We’re facing those two universes now. In one, science, reason, and ancient mores about the interplay between the sexes reign. The other, I still find it hard to understand the rules. There is a great deal about ‘how you feel inside’ – and this over-rides other people’s rights and concerns, as well as biological science.

In Colorado, from January 1, a new Bill, passed with bipartisan support from Democrats and Republicans, allows people to change their sex on their birth certificate and other legal documents without any form of gatekeeping. I can’t find out whether there is any lower age limit, but the first person to make use of the new law was 13-year-old Jude, after whom it was named. With Jude, a biological male, now female in law, presumably there are no limits to the female spaces Jude can access, including school sports. The team behind this say their next goal is to effect the same changes at federal level.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, there is a Bill before the House which intends to limit participation in girls’ sports in public schools to females only. Have a look at this heartbreaking video of a young woman (in Illinois) facing the reality of boys-identifying-as-girls in her school locker rooms.

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