The ECJ’s accidental admission about the Middle East

Jun 15, 2024 by

by Laura Perrins on Gript:

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled in a case concerning two young Iraqi women. Irish Legal News explains, “Two young Iraqi women can claim asylum in the Netherlands on the basis that they have become “westernised” during their stay in the country and could be persecuted if forced to return to Iraq.”

[…]  I also find it intriguing that after just four years in the West, the ECJ has held that it is possible that these girls could be persecuted for their beliefs in gender equality should they be sent back to Iraq.

This is because the cultural norms in Iraq – and indeed most of the Middle East – are fundamentally incompatible with the cultural norms of those in the West, especially the hippy-dippy Dutch. That is the real point of this case. That’s the take-home point.

Middle Eastern cultural norms are dangerous to Western Women, according to ECJ. That is essentially what they said, just in nice legalese. Must not sound ‘far-right.’

Now, if a Western woman was to say cultural norms of the middle east are not compatible with their values they’d be slammed as a fascist or a right-wing nut-job. So it is left to two Iraqi teenagers to point out the blindingly obvious – namely it is better to a woman in the West than it is in the Middle East.

It must follow then as surely night follows day, that Western women can and should bring a case against any Western governments for breaching their human rights under the Convention for operating an open-door policy on immigration and admitting hundreds of thousands of men from cultures that the ECJ has now ruled are fundamentally incompatible with gender equality and Western norms. (Emphasis ours)

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