The Equality Act is the biggest threat to religious freedom in US history

May 24, 2019 by

by Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker:

Remember when activists on the Supreme Court made same-sex “marriage” in essence the law of the land?  Elated, Obama said, “Love wins!”  He celebrated the unconstitutional destruction of the God-ordained sacred institution of marriage by ordering that the White House be lit in rainbow colors.  Leftists decreed that the LGBTQ lifestyle is a “beautiful thing” that Americans had better embrace or suffer severe punishment.

Shockingly, Christian churches began embracing same-sex “marriage.”  Ignoring the Bible (Leviticus 18:22), deceived and cowardly pastors said, “Love is love.  It’s a beautiful thing.”

I did an internet search for pictures of gay pride parades.  I could hardly believe my eyes: men wearing giant genital costumes, nudity, men mock-performing various sex acts on each other.  Such public debauchery would normally get one arrested.  Because it was happening during a gay pride parade, city officials and police ignored it.

I thought, “Okay, if this lifestyle is such a ‘beautiful thing,’ why not share the reality of it with the world?”  I posted a few gay pride parade pictures on my website.  Christian and conservative friends said, “Oh my gosh, has Lloyd lost his mind?”  My response was, “Why are you guys upset with me?  Christians and conservatives have surrendered to leftists’ lie that the LGBTQ lifestyle is a beautiful thing.  I’m simply sharing the beauty.”

I was severely criticized by my associates and even called a hater by LGBTQ enforcers for simply posting pictures of their gross public behavior.  While beating up on me, none of my Christian and conservative friends dared to express any criticism of gay pride parade participants performing vulgar sex acts live in front of thousands of parade-watchers.  Somehow, I was the bad guy for posting pictures.

In response to the Supreme Court dismantling marriage, LGBTQ enforcer George Takei gleefully said this is only the beginning.  LGBTQ enforcers have been engaged in a well orchestrated marketing campaign to ban biblical morality for decades.

In 1987, homosexual activist Steve Warren published a chilling article titled “Warning to the homophobes.”

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