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Oct 23, 2019 by

By Lynda Rose, Voice for Justice:

Birmingham city council has applied to the court to have its injunction banning parental protests outside Anderton Park Primary School made permanent.  In other words, they want a permanent exclusion zone round Anderton where parents will be forbidden to gather – to protest, criticise staff or hand out leaflets (see Guardian report here).  We await the judgment.

Anderton is situated in a predominantly Muslim area and, unsurprisingly, has mainly Muslim pupils.  The protestors – in the main, parents – want the school to stop promoting and normalising LGBT behaviours and life-style choices to children as young as 3, and teaching them that gender is a matter of choice, not biology.  They say that such teaching is not just deeply confusing, but that it also goes against the basic tenets of their faith.

A not unreasonable position, one would have thought.  Why should 3 year olds be encouraged to question their gender, or think about any kind of sexual relations at all?  And why should parents stand quietly by, while their beliefs are traduced?  But the school and Birmingham city council clearly disagree, refusing even to consider that parents should have the right to have some sort of say in what their children are taught.

And in this, it seems, they are being backed to the hilt by the DfE, which has now issued guidance on what they call ‘parental engagement’.  Which only a while ago was labelled ‘consultation’  (

Take note of the word change, because it is crucial!

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