The Guardian attacks religious teaching on gender, revealing that society requires complete secularization and opposes all religious truth claims

Apr 19, 2019 by

by Albert Mohler:

Then next, we’re going to turn to an even more important article on a similar theme. This one appeared in the Guardian, a liberal newspaper published in London. The author is Beatrice Alba. The headline, “If we reject gender discrimination in every other arena, why do we accept it in religion?” This is a big story that zeroes in on something Christians had better observe very closely. Alba’s point is this. When you are looking at religions and especially she’s looking at the Roman Catholic church and its historic Protestantism. When you see arguments that there is a distinction between men and women, when you have what she says is a basically structure in religion, it should no longer receive privileges in society.

In the most chilling part of her article, she says to the larger society that parents, regardless of their own religious freedom to hold to their own religious beliefs, do not have the right to teach those beliefs to their children if those beliefs come down to a violation of gender nondiscrimination. She argues early on that what she calls the marginalization of women in religion has come under surprisingly little scrutiny. She intends to bring that scrutiny. She also points to the fact that the law in Australia and elsewhere mostly in the west allows religious churches and organizations to discriminate on the basis of gender and sexuality to understand that they are operating out of Biblical or theological convictions that are to be respected by the society. But she argues that these exemptions should no longer exist. Society has now progressed to the point where religious organizations should simply have to join the revolution or it would appear, go out of business or at least keep absolutely silent and furthermore, handover our children to the revolutionaries.

By the time you look further at Alba’s article, it’s clear that she’s really aiming her guns at just about all organized religion, which she finds to be inherently sexist. As a theologian, I want to point out that when she sees a distinction in the understanding of male and female, she argues that the distinction must necessarily take on the form of discrimination and must represent male superiority, especially if there is a difference in function. As you see in Biblical Christianity, the distinction in function between men and women, especially as it relates to the teaching office in the church, the fact that men rather than women are to be the teachers in the church. She says that represents a simply unthinkable and unsupportable sexism. Later in her article she says, “Children have the right to be free from discrimination and it is an abuse of their human rights to not treat them with equality and respect.”

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