The Guardian’s dreadful case of Israel Derangement Syndrome

Jan 22, 2021 by

by Karen Harradine and Paul T Horgan, The Conservative Woman:

THE leading article is the place where a newspaper will wear its heart on its sleeve. Well, most newspapers. In the case of the Guardian, it is where the gnomes of Farringdon wear hate on their sleeve. A prime example of this hate was an editorial which described David Cameron’s sense of loss at the death of his eldest child as ‘privileged pain’ due to Mr Cameron’s wealth and his alleged access to superior health care.

It is an indictment of the kind of people who run this publication that the text went through all of the layers of the editorial process – presumably including ideological box-ticking – and was posted online. It was only the strongly negative public reaction that stopped the article from also getting into print.

While Guardian writers are, like the Left in general, quite over-loud in proclaiming their anti-racism whilst denouncing those who are simply not as noisy, this anti-racism is not unlimited. Anti-Semitism is endemic in Left-wing politics. It was described by 19th century German social democrats as ‘the socialism of fools’. It is not. Anti-Semitism is actually the socialism of socialism.

However, unlike in the Cameron episode above, the Guardian has to be more circumspect. The newspaper cannot attack British Jews directly, but it can play down such attacks by those who do, and never more so than during the exposure of Labour’s structural anti-Semitism over the last half-decade. Suddenly strong and disgraceful opinions disappear and are replaced by a bland summary of convenient facts. The obstacles of hypocrisy and respectability prevents the gnomes from advancing what they must be aching to say.

Three weeks before the 2019 General Election, the Guardian published a response to the unprecedented intervention of the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, who wrote in the Times  that the ‘overwhelming majority of British Jews are gripped by anxiety’ ahead of the December 12 poll and warned ‘the very soul of our nation is at stake’. The editorial on the words of the Chief Rabbi (a term that was not capitalised in the Guardian’s article) indulged in whataboutery over Boris Johnson’s ‘letterbox’ comment taken out of context before merely repeating known facts and reporting ‘Mr Corbyn has gone some way to make up for his mistakes. He stated that “antisemitism in any form is vile and wrong”,’ as if that somehow made things all right. 

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