The indoctrination of the justice system

Dec 5, 2019 by

by Andrew Devine, The Conservative Woman:

THE latest London Bridge attacker, Usman Khan, was attending, unsupervised, a conference on criminal rehabilitation as a supposedly rehabilitated criminal.

It is extremely troubling to know that the so-called professionals working in the justice system charged with protecting the public from Islamist terrorism seem to have little understanding of Islamist ideology and how Islamists differ from ordinary criminals. There is a world of difference between criminals who steal cars for profit and crazed Islamists who steal cars so as to drive over infidels in the street to please the prophet.

Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Islamic extremism will know of the Islamic command of taqiyya, which is an instruction that allows for deception and dishonesty to advance the cause of Islam. Usman Khan was clearly engaging in taqiyya when he hoodwinked the entire justice establishment in to believing he was a repentant Islamist. Do any of those who worked with Khan and still do with other dangerous Islamists have an understanding of taqiyya? I don’t know which is the more disturbing, that they don’t know the nature of the ideology it is their jobs to root out, or that some of them do know but decided to give Khan the benefit of the doubt.

Back when I penned the Orwell Prize-winning pseudonymous blog, ‘Winston Smith – Working with the Underclass,’ I worked with both young adult and young offenders in a variety of contexts.

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