The Left are seeing the light on trans ‘women’

Jul 23, 2021 by

NORMALLY it’s conservative Christians such as Australia’s rugby union player Israel Folau and the tennis great Margaret Court who are attacked for being transphobic and threatened with legal action when they argue that sexuality is binary and that the overwhelming majority of people are either male or female.

Such is not always the case, as proven by the recent example of Tasmania’s Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Alliance being criticised and taken before Australia’s Anti-Discrimination Commission for wanting to exclude men who identify as women from one of its events.

Sounding very much like a conservative, Jennifer Hoyle from the LGBA argues that trans-women are ‘biological males’ and ‘I want to exclude people with penises, because being a lesbian is about same-sex attraction. It’s not about same-gendered attraction’.

Denying the myth promoted by the Safe Schools programme that being male or female is a personal choice, Hoyle also argues: ‘Many lesbians feel ­uncomfortable having transgenders in their spaces because they are not female.’

Not surprisingly, a spokesman for the transgender community disagrees: ‘Ultimately, it’s denying the reality of the existence of trans-women, in fact all trans-people’ and ‘trans-women are women. Full stop’.

The LGBA is not the only Tasmanian organisation arguing that trans-women will always be men. Isla MacGregor from Women Speak Tasmania also argues that a person’s sex is a biological reality.

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