The LGBT+ bigotry which bludgeoned Starmer into apologising for visiting a church

Apr 8, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

When Sir Keir Starmer visited a church on Good Friday and thank them for all their good and faithful works, he attracted some criticism. His visit caused such offence to the LGBT+ arm of the Labour Party that they went into overdrive, decrying the poor research about the church’s ‘anti-LGBT’ beliefs, and issuing a statement of outright condemnation which they then used to foment a Twitter pile-on in order to extract an apology, which duly came.

And when Sir Keir arose again three days after Good Friday, LGBT+ people leapt with glee and rejoiced in his transformation. Or some of them did. It did come as a relief to Labour LGBT+ that, in praising the work of Jesus House for all the Nations, their leader wasn’t affirming their ‘homophobia’, ‘bigotry’ or ‘anti-LGBT hate’. But it did take him three days, which might have been long enough for Jesus to liberate the captives from hell, but it wasn’t an acceptable length of time between Starmer’s sin and his repentance.

The reason for LGBT+ Labour’s objection to this visit is summarised by Pink News: “Not only has the pentecostal denomination been accused of carrying out “exorcisms” on people who are “sexually attracted to members of their own sex”, but the church’s top pastor has furiously opposed anti-discrimination laws and marriage equality in Britain.”

Setting aside the use of ‘exorcisms’ here, which Ekklesia appear (quite purposely and provocatively) to conflate with prayer and pastoral care, the concern about Jesus House is that they believe homosexuality to be a sin, and same-sex marriage to be an oxymoron, if not an ontological misconception.

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Read also:  Sir Keir Starmer’s apology only reveals the intolerance of our so-called ‘diverse’ society by David Robertson, CT:

‘Christians throughout the UK need to stand against the intolerance, spinelessness and hatred of a culture which does not want us to belong to their ‘diverse’ society and does not think we are equal.We will carry on loving, serving the poor and caring for all. But we won’t bow the knee to the idols of our culture, or stop following Jesus Christ. If people want to hear about diversity and equality, they can listen to the politicians or read about it in the media. If they want to see it, they can come to church! And they don’t need to repent for doing so!’

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