The Life and Loves of Freddie Mercury

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by Peter May, Virtueonline:

A new book by Lesley-Ann Jones asks, “Who was the love of Freddie Mercury’s life?” Thirty years after his death, this question has increasing relevance. Sexuality has become a very confusing cultural nightmare and Freddie’s life highlights the complexities and pitfalls. While many saw Freddie as the love of their lives, who was actually the love of his life?

Freddie Bulsara moved to England in 1964, aged 18 yrs. His earlier years had been a painful experience, which he felt were best forgotten, as he rarely talked about them. The celebrated film, Bohemian Rhapsody, which earned some $1billion at the box office, deliberately avoided his upbringing. Born in Zanzibar in 1946, Freddie had a volatile relationship with his father and was dispatched at the tender age of eight to an Indian boarding school 3,000 miles away, across the ocean. Not only was this too far for his parents to visit him, but it was too far for Freddie to return home in school holidays! Instead, he stayed with aunts in Bombay. In the guise of a documentary, film makers “can get away with murdering the truth” says Jones. In Bohemian Rhapsody, they had a moral obligation to present Freddie’s life as it actually was. Instead, his “X-rated lifestyle was diluted, simplified and sanitised… to render him acceptable and appealing to the widest possible audience.”

His father Bomi is described as diligent, dignified, authoritarian, antagonistic, confrontational, inflexible and emotionally distant. Instead of intimacy, Freddie received hostility and disapproval. Lacking affirmation from his father, this shy, retiring and insecure young man found comfort in music and affirmation in the adulation of strangers. Drug and alcohol fuelled sexual debauchery became his coping mechanism. Strangely, he never publicly came out as gay. Nor did he admit that he had AIDS, until his dying hours.

The author quotes the development psychologist Prof. Ritch Savin -Williams, “Traditionally, our understanding has been that if you’re male and have even a slight attraction to the same sex, then you must be gay.” It is a profoundly misleading myth to believe that all those who experience homosexual thoughts are ‘100% gay’. This is at last being seen for the lie that it is, though it has been more generally accepted that women have a natural capacity to be sexually “fluid”. The result is that many men, who experience homosexual desires, have been brainwashed into believing that homosexuality is an intrinsic part of their nature. They are born gay and cannot change. Any attempt to change their orientation risks serious damage to their mental health.

A huge research project has now demonstrated clearly that there is no gay gene, which determines our sexual orientation.

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