The Long March Through the Institutions: A Recent Example

Aug 23, 2017 by

Editor’s note: This article does not entail support for any political party, but is posted as an illustration of how the ‘political correctness’ of secular humanism now afflicts even ‘right wing’ political parties. In this article, Alan Williams comments on the attempts to block the UKIP leadership bid of David Kurten who is clear on his conservative beliefs about marriage, and gives a brief history of cultural Marxism and the LGBT agenda.

Support 4 the Family sent a questionnaire to all the leadership contenders about very important family issues so that their views could inform UKIP members in deciding whom to support as leader.

David Kurten was the first to reply and wrote this in answer to the first question about the definition of marriage.

“I personally believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. If there were to be a free vote in Parliament I would vote to restore this definition of marriage”. The rest of his answers can be found on the website.

Subsequently articles published online in Pink News and the Daily Mirror (09/08/2017) claimed UKIP LGBT members were calling for his suspension and attacking David for having “homophobic” and “transphobic” views. Fortunately common sense prevailed and David was included in the final candidate list. It is not insignificant that one of the listed LGBT UKIP members has since withdrawn from the suspension call after he read David’s ‘Statement on Support4TheFamily UKIP leadership survey’.

But the rather Machiavellian tactic of accusing those who share David’s views, of being motivated by irrational fear and hatred of homosexuals and the transgendered, needs to be exposed for what it is, a calculated stigmatisation of supporters of the traditional family. This follows the pattern set up by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and Karoly Maria Kertbeny in 1860s Germany.

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