The midwife hounded out of her job after 30 years (and 5,000 babies) because she refused to supervise abortions

Nov 8, 2019 by

by Jenny Johnston, Mailonline:

[…] In the course of her duties in an NHS hospital, Mary, a devout Catholic, supervised colleagues as they participated in abortions. Although never hands-on herself, she admits she always felt implicated.

‘It’s why I later took the stance I did,’ she says, referring to the court case that ultimately cost her job as a labour ward co-ordinator at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow.

Mary Doogan (pictured), a devout Catholic, had been a midwife for 30 years. But she was forced to quit her job at a NHS hospital in Glasgow for refusing to oversee abortions

‘I don’t believe any midwife should be put in that position. It goes against why I went into midwifery in the first place.

‘My role was to bring life into the world. My patients were the woman and the baby. I have always felt a professional duty to both.

‘The thing that I could never get my head around was how you had to watch the words you used,’ she adds.

‘You’d never say ‘baby’ while with a woman who had chosen a termination. You’d talk about her ‘pregnancy’ or her ‘labour’.

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