The monstrous juggernaut of ideological oppression

Jan 20, 2020 by

from Voice for Justice UK:

Juggernaut:  a very large, heavy truck, similar in effect to a battering ram; a large powerful force or organization that cannot be stopped.  Derived from Sanskrit, describing a huge wagon carrying the image of a Hindu god pulled along in procession.  In the process, many bystanders were commonly crushed to death, though whether as result of throwing themselves under the wheels in mindless self-sacrifice, or by accident, remains a matter for debate.

This surely exactly describes the ideological drive that we are experiencing today to reframe society’s ancient and tested values.

Last week Susan Evans, a former psychiatric nurse at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust Hospital, launched a case in the High Court claiming that many children receiving gender reassignment treatment have been misdiagnosed and are actually autistic, homosexual, or suffering from some form of diagnosable but non-related mental illness, including trauma resulting from sexual abuse.  She is calling for an end to experimental and invasive medical treatment with long-term and currently unknown consequences, arguing that children cannot possibly give informed consent to such life-changing and potentially hazardous treatments, and must be protected from exploitation and abuse.

The rationale seems so transparent and self-evidently simple that the only real question is surely why the case should need to be brought in the first place!  We all know that children are highly impressionable – just as we also know that in the course of growing up and discovering who and what they are, they push the boundaries and experiment.  Inevitably they make mistakes, and childhood should pre-eminently be a place of safety, where they can test themselves and others without fear of irrevocable harm, in the sometimes uncomfortable knowledge that if they go too far, adults will step in and call a halt.  This is all part of growing up – but the one thing that should not happen is that children become prey to ideologues pushing them towards irreversible and life-changing decisions, that will unquestionably affect the rest of their lives and that there is every likelihood they will subsequently bitterly regret.

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