The new terror: we are watching you; one wrong word and we’ll remove you from your job

Apr 12, 2019 by

from Christian Concern:

Another day in court: another assault on our Christian beliefs.

Andrea Williams comments on the important case of Felix Ngole and how it shows that key Christian freedoms are at stake: an alignment to LGBT ideology is cutting many people out of public life.

We’re awaiting the judgment in the case of Felix Ngole. I’m not holding my breath for justice. We’ve ordered a transcript of what went on 12 and 13 March 2019, in Court 69 of the Court of Appeal in front of Lord Justice Irwin, Lord Justice Haddon-Cave and Sir Jack Beatson, because the statements in court were incredibly shocking and disturbing.


It never ceases to amaze me that despite all my years in this work I am still shocked at what is going on. I am also shocked that so many don’t seem to see what I see. It was deeply depressing; somehow, I never get used to the derogatory attitude that people have towards Christians. I remember when such attitudes would have been unthinkable. Sadly, no more.

Felix’s whole livelihood ended because of a Facebook conversation in which he expressed traditional Christian belief on homosexuality; and refused to recant his faith. Any person of integrity and principle would have done the same.

Felix is a hard-working, caring and honest man. An ideal candidate to be a social worker.

But he was being watched by a fellow student who does not like Christianity. She monitored Felix’s Facebook account. When she saw Felix post something she disapproved of, she would take action.

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