The Noble Liar – The Influence of the BBC and the Meritocracy

Sep 20, 2019 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

The Noble Liar  by Robin Aitken is my book of the year, so far, and I doubt whether any book will overtake it.  It is a stunning insight from a former BBC journalist and executive – who has 25 years experience of the organisation.  If you want to understand what is going on in our culture, The Noble Liar, is essential reading.

The book is subtitled – “How and Why the BBC distorts the news to promote a liberal agenda” .

I am going to take some time to look at this book in a mini-series of articles.  Here are some of the things I learned from the introduction and chapters one and three.  At the end of each of these review articles I will add a story about my own experience of the BBC.  I should add at this point that I love the BBC — the vast majority of my podcasts are from the BBC.  I listen to it everyday and sometimes it produces outstanding media.  However in one sense that makes it all the sadder that it has become such an instrument for evil as well as good.

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