The plot against religious education

Jul 9, 2021 by

by Michael Nazir-Ali, Spectator:

Faith is not the declining force that some secularists believe or indeed desire it to be. Even here in the UK, we have our growing and vibrant black-led churches; increasingly present mosques, temples and gurudwaras; and believers arriving from Eastern and Central Europe.

This is why it’s important for religious education to continue to have a special place in the curriculum of our schools. Although RE is not a ‘core subject’, it remains a compulsory one. Successive Education Acts have stipulated that it should be taught in such a way that reflects the mainly Judaeo-Christian traditions of this country — while also covering the teachings and practices of other religions present here. It is worrying, therefore, that a report by the independent Religious Education Commission finds that RE is not effectively taught in more than half of our schools.

What is even more concerning is that the very organisations that should be promoting RE appear to want to inject the subject with Critical Race Theory. The National Association of Teachers of RE, which otherwise does much good work, has issued a detailed glossary on ‘anti-racist RE’.

In spite of denials, this is clearly intended as a classroom guide for teachers.

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