The primacy of Evangelism, the shiftiness of Jung and the disappearance of freedom of speech….

Nov 12, 2019 by

by Gavin Ashenden, Premier:

“Once upon a time I fell deep in affection with Carl Gustav Jung.  It turned out to be a dreadful mistake. It took me up a very attractive blind alley with only a nicely camouflagedblack hole at the very end.


My reasons for befriending Jung were good ones. It was the mid 1980’s and the great enemy of faith was Freud. Reductionist, atheist and pseudo-scientific psychologist, asFreud was, Jung was a great antidote to his aggressive anti-religious scientism.


But, Jung was a trap. He used the language of God and spirituality but he was really peddling an idolatry of the Self. His work was the fusion of the intuitive, the psychic and the occult, reconfigured in an organisational schema that mimicked science.


One of the reasons he was attractive was the psychological maps he drew combined with the categories he created which allowed his audience to feel they had a real handle on reality through the pretence of the adoption of scientific language.


There is no doubt that many of Jung’s categories ‘work’ to give us a topographical map of the psyche that brings order and some level of insight. But every time you test them, rigorously, they fail to convince. And the real danger with him is the anti-Christian Gnosticism that his whole world is predicated on.


It seems the Bible Society has discovered Jung. They have adopted part of his schema of individuation, the ‘persona’ and cut and pasted it rather lamely onto a survey they have taken.

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