The psychology of belief: Do we need God to make sense of life?

Jun 8, 2018 by

from The Big Conversation:

What are the psychological roots of faith beliefs?  Can we make our own rules for life or are we subject to a higher level of meaning? Can we dispense with religion as a ‘virus of the mind’, or are even atheists fundamentally religious deep down?

Jordan B Peterson and Susan Blackmore debate these questions and more in the first episode of The Big Conversation.

See also: Solzhenitsyn’s prophecy, by Robert George, First Things. “he faulted America (and the West more generally) for… its abandonment of its own moral and, especially, spiritual ideals and identity.”

Bishop Rachel Treweek and whether love is truly possible without faith, Diocese of Gloucester website

Atheists and their beliefs, by K.E.Columbini, First Things


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