The Real Purpose of Therapy Bans: Maltese Christians Speak Out

Nov 21, 2018 by

from Core Issues Trust:

Following the criticism levelled at X Factor Malta contestant Matthew Grech, Ivan Grech Mintoff has made clear his political party’s intention to seek the court’s help in reviewing this matter.  Details of the concerns he raises are explored in the “Exodus” programmes which he presents on Maltese TV.

Exodus Programme 6 in the current series that aired earlier this month has looked at this issue in the context of freedom of conscience, speech and expression.  The programme asked guests to comment on the X Factor case. Dr Mike Davidson was also invited to speak about the work of Core Issues Trust and some of the legal challenges that have concerned us over the years.  In particular, mention is made of the recognition gained in 2014, when judges reflected on the intervention of then UK Minister of Women and Equalities Maria Miller’s lawyers on the position of “ex-gay” in relation to equality law and the Equality Act of 2010.

In part 1 of Exodus programme 6, focus is upon Maltese Labour Party Equality Minister Helena Dalli, Minister of Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties.  Evidence is presented (6.36 on counter above) that is considered to provide an example of a government minister “bulldozing” equalities legislation inspite of established public opinion.  According to the minister herself, 80% were not in favour of the changes her governemnt sought to bring in through the political “package” the polpulation has unwittingly voted in favour of.  Of course, Minister Dalli is not alone in this approach. Consider the ILGA’s (International Gay and Lesbian Association) 2016 data on public attitudes in great Britain concerning the idea that people are born gay. Only a third (35%) of people in the United Kingdom agree with the claim that ‘people attracted to the same sex are born that way’.  This was some two years after marriage “equality was legislated in the UK.  This fact went unreported in the UK. It supported findings of survey commissioned by Core Issues Trust via a (2014) ComRes Poll when a Private Member’s Bill called for a ban on therapeutic choice –  on which Moseley (2018) reflects:

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