The restoration of Bishop George Bell

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Bishop of Chichester refuses to say Bishop George Bell is “innocent” by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest

Welby welcomes plan for George Bell statue hours after apologising for Church’s handling of the case by Hattie Williams, Church Times

Bishop Bell Vindicated by Peter Hitchens, First Things

more from Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday:   Last week the Church of England’s second attempt to smear the reputation of one of its greatest figures, the late George Bell, collapsed utterly.

Its first try was revealed as a sloppy, deeply prejudiced kangaroo court, which wrongly assumed Bishop Bell’s guilt from the start, like some Stalinist tribunal. You might have thought Justin Welby would admit defeat.

But no, he opened yet another inquiry into so-called ‘new allegations’ of sexual abuse which were revealed on Thursday to be an embarrassing rubbish-heap of twaddle, not remotely resembling real evidence.

The police took a few weeks to dismiss them. Mr Welby’s apparatus, petulantly unwilling to admit they had been wrong in the first case, dragged it out for a year.

New allegations have rightly been thrown out, but justice has yet to be done for Bishop Bell by Charles Moore, Telegraph

No “words of knowledge” on Bishop George Bell’s innocence, Archbishop Welby? by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest

Bishop George Bell to get statue after abuse claims are dismissed by Kaya Burgess, The Times

Archbishop of Canterbury apologises after Bishop Bell inquiry finds latest allegations unfounded, Christian Today

Briden on Bishop Bell:- Apologies that sit awkwardly with a church that refuses to believe in ‘innocent until proved guilty.’ by Gavin Ashenden

How far is Bishop George Bell’s reputation restored? When is a cloud not a cloud? by Martin Sewell and David Lamming, Archbishop Cranmer



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