The Right cannot afford to duck the debate about trans, sex and gender

Feb 17, 2020 by

by Rebecca Lowe, Conservative Home:

An absence of discussion about sex — in the sense of biology, rather than shagging — is one of the many ways in which Conservative discourse remains starkly different from that of our friends on the left. It’s been hard to miss, for instance, the way in which such matters have become central to the Labour leadership contest.

Yes, this has largely consisted of the candidates attempting to ‘outwoke’ each other — rather than engaging in valuable substantive debate — but this itself exemplifies an increasingly serious societal problem we all face.

[…]  But several important concerns remain clear. And one of these is that we must begin to speak rigorously about these matters, not only because they are important, but also because such discussion is being purposefully suppressed. A powerful lobby has taken over, and is in the process of capturing our institutions — our schools, our universities, our police force, our healthcare services. It comes dressed in the language of rights; it comes with knives for our children, and refutation of the mental health concerns of our teenagers. It comes to take away our freedom, and crowd out our norms of civility and kindness.

Brave people on the Left have led the charge on this topic so far. Please, Conhomers, consider joining us in joining them against those who have hijacked this important debate. Armed with science and with compassion, we can work together on this, for the good of all.

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Rebecca is co-founder, along with lawyer Victoria Hewson, of a small, non-funded campaign called ‘Radical’, aimed at fighting for truth and freedom in this arena.

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