The rise of civic Christianity and the collapse of the Church

Oct 6, 2018 by

David Robertson, theweeflea.

It’s a somewhat strange paradox. As the church seems to be in decline, the number of religious items in the news increases and the clergy are everywhere…

…Despite the most fervent wishes of the more militant secularists religion is not going to disappear from civil society soon. Indeed I suspect it is highly likely that it will become even more prominent, but is this a good thing? What we call civic Christianity seems to be growing – or it is as least as prevalent as ever. It seems as though our political leaders want some kind of religious blessing on their secular endeavours. It’s why chaplains are wanted in schools, hospitals, work places and political institutions.   Religious leaders are then all too keen to grasp at the straw of civic Christianity in order to justify their own existence.

But what is the place of Christianity in public life?

Should we still live in a society where we have school chaplains, the Kirking of the Council and prayers in parliament? John Owen’s Sermons to the Nation are from a different time – but when you read them you can only long for our current politicians to hear such preaching. Lets examine some recent examples of what we call ‘civic religion’.

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See also: The Church of England just wants to be liked, by Ben Sixsmith, The American Conservative.


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