The Sexual Brainwashing of Britain

Apr 30, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Crisis Magazine:

We’re coming for your children—and we don’t intend to let you stop us. That is the message parents are increasingly hearing loud and clear from the LGBT activists and sexual revolutionaries tightening their grip on the British education system.

For some years now, and especially since the advent of same-sex “marriage” in 2014, schools around the UK have been introducing more and more controversial LGBT-friendly “relationships and sex education” into classes for children of all ages.

In March, parents at one primary (elementary) school finally decided that enough was enough. Hundreds of (mostly Muslim) parents at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham withdrew their children from classes en masse in protest at the ideas being taught. Describing the lessons as “not age appropriate,” “promoting homosexuality” and “confusing children,” the protesting parents explained that their girls were coming home from school “asking whether it is true they can be boys, boys as young as four asking whether it is true they can be girls.” The school has now temporarily withdrawn the “No Outsiders” program in response to the protests—but not without pledging it would soon return.

This is just one skirmish in a much bigger war being played out on a national and global level between the proponents of “progressive” sexual mores on the one hand and social conservatives committed to the sanctity of the natural family on the other. For over 50 years now the progressives have had the upper hand and in recent years have begun pressing their advantage and targeting any remaining holdouts against their ideas, mainly among the religious. The next stage is to remove any remaining rights of parents to take their children out of class while expanding the scope of what children are taught and when and embedding it across the school curriculum so it cannot be anticipated or avoided.

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