The Sexual Politicisation of Everything

Jun 11, 2018 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Up until recently in the West we had rather minimalist governments, with individual freedoms much more widespread, and what we call mediating structures (the family, churches, civil associations) standing between the individual and the state.

Increasingly these institutions are being trampled on by the state, and as a result we are losing more and more freedom, and everything tends to get politicised. And when Big Government and Big Business team up to stand against our democratic freedoms, things quickly get out of control.

As both statists and corporatists completely fall for the agendas of the radical minority groups, they effectively conspire against the masses to ram all their destructive social engineering down everyone’s throats. We see this perfectly manifest with all things homosexual.

Governments and businesses are feverously pushing the radical homosexual and trans agendas, and as a result, life is becoming ever more politicised – in this case, sexually politicised. A perfect example of this was seen once again this weekend.

On Saturday night in Melbourne at Etihad Stadium a football match between St Kilda and Sydney took place, but it was part of a “pride round”. This meant that even a simple game of football now had to be politicised and turned into the cause of sexual activists and militants.

Thus we had rainbows on display everywhere (on the ground, on uniforms, etc), baloney talk about “diversity” and “inclusion” heard everywhere, and even ludicrous “gender-neutral” toilets at the stadium! I kid you not. Talk about the rainbow activists taking over everything.

In the old days at the end of a hard week of work or school, the family could look forward to a few hours of fun and relaxation on the weekend, supporting their favourite team. Now increasingly the footy is becoming decidedly family-UNfriendly.

All sorts of radical social agendas are being pushed, and football is no longer fun anymore. It has become one big exercise in political correctness and social engineering. We now have multicultural rounds and Muslim rounds and homosexual rounds. Many people are getting absolutely fed up with all this baloney.

As one news report states:

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