The Silence of the Episcopal Bishops: Why is Presiding Bishop Curry & his HOB Silent on Catholic Sexual Abuse?

Sep 12, 2018 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

Why is there a deafening silence by Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and his HOB on the growing sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church?

Rome’s moral corruption has finally trickled down to the Catholic and non-Catholic rank-and-file. The Episcopal Church thinks it’s immune because its professed libertine ‘theology’ precludes such subterfuge.

But the irony is deep and overwhelming; the leftist media and politicians are blowing the lid right off the Church’s homosexual subculture, heretofore their fellow travelers in the pansexual movement!

One Catholic priest who gets it said this; “God will use the government as a scourge to reform the Church.”

To date, only the Episcopal Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Sean Rowe, has spoken out and he called for prayers for people whose lives have been ripped apart over what they have suffered. He described the grand jury report as “horrific and evil”.

He did have one eye-opening statement when he said this: “In the Episcopal Church, we are not strangers to news of abuse and betrayal by our leaders. For some of us, the news of the grand jury report may have stirred up memories of our own grief and anger when we have learned that a priest or bishop we have known has abused children or been complicit in covering up abuse. For some of us who began our lives as Roman Catholics, this news may have reopened old wounds. And for some of us who have been victims of abuse, this news may trigger anger, sadness and trauma.” Rowe did not name names.

Amy Spagna writing for Episcopal Cafe, observed that the Roman Catholic Church is not alone in combating this issue. The Episcopal Church has had its share of similar cases. In recent memory are that of Howdy White, the former chaplain at St. George’s School in Rhode Island and that of Donald Davis, former bishop of Northwest Pennsylvania, who was found in 2010 to have abused several children during his tenure. In both cases, the people responsible for supervising their work failed to take proper action at the time the abuse was reported. Sexual harassment and abuse figured prominently in many conversations at General Convention last month, she noted.

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