The silencing effect of toxic ideology in schools

Mar 8, 2021 by

by Craig Rickards, Transgender Trend:

It was during the period of the English civil war in the mid-17th century that one of the most sinister events, or series of events, in our history took place. This was when the self-appointed ‘Witchfinder General’ Mathew Hopkins, along with his chief cohort John Stearne, went around the little market towns of East Anglia and carried out a prolonged period (nearly three years) of witch hunts, trials and executions of innocent people.

It seems remarkable today that this was allowed to happen, even knowing that most people at the time believed in God, possibly the devil and in some cases the power of witchcraft. This, though, was a time of instability and social upheaval where suspicion, finger pointing and conspiracy was rife at all societal levels. Even so, one would have thought that if enough wary individuals had got together and opposed him they could have averted the catastrophe. In the end, the demise of Hopkins was largely down to one brave clergyman, John Gaule, who wrote a publication; ‘Select Cases of Conscience touching Witches and Witchcraft’ and sent it to the House of Commons as well as embarking on a programme of Sunday sermons to suppress witch-hunting. I say brave because prior to that one of Hopkins’s unfortunate victims was a Reverend John Lowes, vicar of Brandeston who was executed along with 17 others on the same day in Bury St. Edmunds.

It has always seemed to me that those who indulge in a high level of false selfhood and lies, whether it be collectivised false selfhood (toxic ideology) or individual (often called narcissistic personality disorder), actually know on some level that what they are doing is profoundly wrong.

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