The Soviet-style revolution

Apr 15, 2018 by

by Peter Hitchens, Mailonline:

Is there any better illustration of the huge Soviet-style revolution we have suffered than this moving picture of nurses in an NHS hospital, praying before the start of their shift, half a century ago?

Nursing and hospitals themselves are more or less a Christian invention – the beautiful 15th Century hospital in Beaune in France is an early example.

Yet now open displays of Christianity in the NHS are risky, as they offend against the state creed of ‘Equality and Diversity’ under which Christians are an embarrassing, outdated nuisance.

Likewise, Ealing Council’s ban on peaceful protests outside an abortion clinic overturns the whole legal and moral system of this country.

Doctors and nurses trained to save and protect life are instead employed to snuff life out.

Many women suffer this procedure under pressure from selfish men. Many others have never had the alternatives explained to them.

While this goes on, thousands of childless couples yearn to adopt but find the procedure increasingly difficult, while abortions are signed off by officialdom with barely a second thought.

Why? Mainly, it is because the killing of almost 200,000 babies a year sustains a vast industry employing thousands, many of them very well paid, and they don’t like criticism.

Despite claiming to be ‘pro-choice’, they don’t want anyone drawing attention to that choice.

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