The T-Word

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by Sarah Stook, The Mallard:

On the 15th October, MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death whilst attending an MP surgery in his constituency of Southend West, Essex.

On the 14th November, a taxi headed to Liverpool Women’s Hospital. When it arrived outside its destination, it exploded. The terrorist was killed instantly whilst the cabbie, David Perry, just managed to get out of there.

In the space of a month, Britain experienced two terrorist attacks. You’d expect that it would have been a bigger story. It would keep a firm grip on the newspaper headlines, be constantly mentioned on the news and be the topic of discussion in Parliament. Such horrendous actions should be a shock. They should be major news.

The key word there: should.

It seems the media and politicians are terrified of that big word beginning with T.

What Happened?

On the 14th November, the news was stuffed with stories of Remembrance. No surprise really, considering that it was Remembrance Sunday. Cameras focused on the Cenotaph, of brave heroes and the Queen being absent.

The bomb outside the Liverpool hospital occurred at 10:59 AM, just a minute before the nation fell silent. You’d expect that the news would pick up on it pretty quickly. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Social media was the first to notify the country that something was wrong. Amateur footage spread over Twitter.

When the news broke, it was slow. It popped up on the news ticker and anchors gave infrequent updates. Sure, there wasn’t much to go on and speculation isn’t great, but an explosion outside a hospital is an explosion outside a hospital. You’d think that it would be an important news item.

There was also the fact that it wasn’t in London to consider, but that’s not the point.

On the evening of the attack, the news did start to actually pull its fingers out. After that? Poof. Other news stories of lesser importance, such as whatever COP26 did, seemed to pull ahead once again.

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