The Top Ten Christmas Politicians Messages

Dec 27, 2019 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea;

I thought I would have a wee look at some Christmas messages from political leaders and then decided to rank them in order of merit…I’m sure there were better and worse – but here is my list!  Note – these are not listed in order of political persuasion or personal character.  I am trying just to comment on the actual messages.

10.  First Minister – Nicola Sturgeon

This one is no surprise.   Sturgeon knows nothing about Christianity and studiously  avoids any mention of Christ.  Not one word.  Nor does she mention Christians or Christianity – instead coming out with the usual platitudes about thanking the NHS, those in public service etc (you can take it as a given that every politician does this).   In this ‘festive period’ we are all to be nice to one another.  Sturgeon’s words are always carefully scripted – whether deliberate or not I think the fact that she mentioned Muslims at Ed and Jews at Channukah, but not Christians at Christmas, speaks volumes.

9. Prime Minister – Scott Morrison

This one was a real surprise.  The Prime Minster of Australia is an evangelical Christian but managed to deliver a whole Christmas message without once mentioning Christ. He mentioned floods, fires and drought.  It was good he mentioned personally the families of the firefighters who have died.  But the ‘lets be thankful for Australia being the best country in the world, made great by Australians’ was a little too triumphaistic and Trumpesque for my liking.  This was a missed opportunity.   At Christmas we need to look beyond ourselves and our nation.   Christmas is not about how great we are.  As any Christian should know.

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