The trans gospel according to Big Tech

Mar 4, 2021 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman:

IN the West today, the debate over the abstract term ‘gender’ is about as toxic as it gets.

On one side there are women, keenly aware that many hard-won rights and entitlements are grounded in biological sex. Feminists who have campaigned for women’s equality have generally affirmed conventional definitions of the terms sex and gender.

On the other side are trans activists who subscribe to more fluid ideas about sex and gender. They hold that people have an innate ‘gender identity’ which can differ from the sex they were ‘assigned’ at birth. Trans activists believe that men who identify as women and women who identify as men should have access to the rights and entitlements of the ‘gender’ they affiliate with, even if their biological characteristics would forbid such access.

We naturally resist the idea of governments censoring what we may hear, read or say. This is something which happens only in totalitarian countries such as communist states, where what can be circulated is tightly controlled so that only the official standpoint is allowed public exposure. Totalitarian regimes find censorship essential. If people are exposed to contrary ideas they may start thinking for themselves and reject the officially approved line.

We can be thankful governments in the West do not exercise an official censorship which controls what we may read. Unfortunately we have something more dangerous: privatised censorship given over to Big Tech. The power of unaccountable social media companies was demonstrated recently when Australia tried to bring Facebook to heel, and was forced to back off.

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