The triangle of truisms: Father, mother and children

Apr 5, 2017 by

Business Day editorial:

The secret to the success of every society has been a constant concern for philosophers, political scientists, secular and religious leaders and sociologist of all times. Their answer to this perennial question has been based on the authors’ background, experience or expertise. In proffering an answer, Etzkowitz and Leydesdoff formulated the principle of the Triple Helix. Triple Helix suggests that the interaction between the government, industry and the university, if effective, is a framework for success. On the other hand G.K Chesterton, in his book The Superstition of Divorce, provided the Triangle of truisms. Triangle of truisms stresses the importance of the natural family, the father, mother and child to the success of every society. According to Chesterton, this triangle of truism cannot be destroyed but would only destroy the civilization that disregards it.

From time immemorial, the family has been held to be the “nucleus of every civilization”. Aristotle wrote that the family is nature’s established association for the supply of mankind’s everyday wants. According to Michael Novak, the first, best and original department of health, education and welfare is the family.

Unfortunately this fact has been reduced to a cliché thereby neglecting its great depth and robust meaning.

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