‘The value of life shouldn’t be based purely on pleasure’

Jan 13, 2021 by

from Christian Concern:

The case of ‘RS’, a polish man recovering from a heart attack whom doctors want to allow to die, is still ongoing.

The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska spoke to BBC Radio Devon about why we took on the case, and what his case represents. “We fought this case on the basis that the secular considerations of whether your life brings you pleasure shouldn’t be the basis on which you value whether life is worth living,” said Roger. “The doctors believed his life wasn’t worth living on that basis, but he could actually live for another five years.” Roger went on to explain, “the precedent that this sets is worrying: if hospitals can end a life because they think it’s not worth saving, that speaks a lot into where our culture is at.”

10 January 2021
BBC Radio Devon

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