The World Just Proved That Abstinence Definitely Works

Apr 30, 2020 by

by Katy Faust and Stacy Manning, The Federalist:

It’s clear people have the capacity to change their behavior in the face of dangerous viruses when the risks are clearly communicated.

The entire country has been practicing abstinence for a month. We’ve been abstaining from physical contact, leaving our homes, dining out, and attending school because these activities have been deemed risky in the COVID-19 era. Government is so serious about enforcing abstinence they’ve deployed drones to monitor compliance and established tattle-tale policies that empower citizens to police one another’s social abstinence.

Our entire population has unwittingly participated in the greatest abstinence object lesson of all time. The media narrative is that social distancing has “flattened the curve,” even though social distancing was baked into the models that are now revised drastically downward. And COVID-19 is not the only pandemic we’re facing. There is another, and it’s not spread by sharing an elevator, but by sharing a bed.

It’s a “hidden, silent, dangerous global epidemic” of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which is racking up 1 million new daily infections of gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and syphilis worldwide.

In 2016 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported the “highest number ever” of STIs in the United States, partially fueled by apps that facilitate high-risk behaviors, the so-called Tinder effect. Health experts believe the Human Papilloma Virus, responsible for 9 out of 10 cases of cervical cancer, to be a hidden epidemic, which has the potential to infect up to 75 percent of the population. Like COVID19, it’s no exaggeration to call the mass increase in STIs a global public health crisis.

COVID-19 spreads by social contact, so the government has mandated social distancing—a.k.a social abstinence, because pandemics require us to change our behavior. Since STIs are spread by sexual contact, why is the government silent about sexual distancing?

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