The wretched unmarried state we’re in – and why the Leftie Tories won’t change a thing

May 19, 2018 by

by Kathy Gyngell, The Conservative Woman:

Why are we so ashamed to make the modern case for marriage, the Telegraph asked this week.

Since we can no longer accuse marriage of being a ‘patriarchal’ (witness #MeToo Meghan and the institution’s new gay inclusiveness) why can’t today’s Tories just get on and argue for it? Especially when it’s such a promoter of social wellbeing, as Cristina Odone puts it.

More to the point might be to ask why the Tories stay so studiously silent about the mega-marriage crisis on our hands. I am not referring to who is walking Meghan down the aisle today. The crisis I am talking of is the plummeting marriage rates amongst the poor and now, increasingly, the ‘squeezed middle’. It’s called the marriage gap and it is getting wider as marriage rates sink to new lows.

It’s reflected in the desperate statistic that only 24 per cent of poor girls today will realise the wedded bliss they all still hope for. Middle-class girls fare little better. Only the richest girls are lucky enough still to be able to count on catching their man.

This all has consequences. Soon more babies will be born out of wedlock than in it – and by 16 most will not living with both their parents.

With the best parenting intent in the world, and all the money the State throws at these fragmental families, it still condemns millions of children to diminished life chances for want of a father and family stability.

You’d think this coming apart of society would be of deep concern to the happily married and seeker-out of burning injustice Mrs May.

You would think that this of all weekends, as the nation works itself into fever pitch over THE wedding – of the popular Prince Harry to his perfectly modern #MeToo princess – would be the ideal moment to announce a new pro-marriage policy and make the wishes of all those girls dreaming of their big day come true.

But it won’t happen. Not for lack of knowledge but because today’s Tories are Lefties. No matter how many times the case for marriage has been made, the Tories are having none of it. They’ve adopted the Left’s economic inequality ideology hook, line and sinker.

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