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Jul 3, 2022 by

by Tom Lennie, TCW:

BIAS in the mainstream media (MSM for short, but I’m particularly referring to the UK’s top TV news channels) has been with us for years. Over-reporting certain topics, under-reporting others and just as common, deliberately burying significant but ‘awkward’ news stories.

To give an example, we’ve long seen a one-sided policy by the MSM in regard to global warming (or ‘climate change’, as it became known when temperatures appeared to level off or even fall after 1998). As early as 2007, the BBC came to the view that ‘the science was settled’. Former BBC journalist Peter Sissons claims the BBC essentially became a propaganda machine for climate change activists. Dissenting voices from top scientists worldwide have ever since been largely ignored, treated as persona non grata.

More recently, with Covid and the lockdowns, we saw evidence of media censorship to an extent never before witnessed. The mainstream media, with the government, the NHS and other authorities, adopted a strict official ‘narrative’, brokering no dissenting voice, despite thousands of doctors and scientists worldwide strongly countering such official account, and providing evidence to back their claims. Prophecy Today, which I edit, highlighted this shutdown of free speech on several occasions (notably here and here).

[…]  Several recent news stories have once again highlighted the bias and censorship of mainstream media.

The first was a report published by Net Zero Watch, accusing the BBC of ‘institutional alarmism’ about climate change. Then appeared the report into child sexual exploitation by grooming gangs in Oldham (which activity many claim continues to this day). Neither the BBC, in its Six o’Clock News programme, nor Channel 4 News made the slightest reference to the significant fact that the grooming gangs consisted largely of Asian men, let alone that they were predominantly Pakistani Muslim men.

No mention, either, of the fact that one of the Oldham ringleaders, Shabir Ahmed, was employed as a welfare rights officer at Oldham Council. (Laura Perrins did report this in TCW.)

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