These virus guidelines signal a go-ahead for a cull of the vulnerable and disabled

Mar 26, 2020 by

by Francis Davis, Conservative Home:

It became apparent this week that the National Institute of Clinical Excellence has issued new guidance on how NHS staff should go about choosing who should be refused critical health care in the coming weeks.

Even though these proposals emerge from a bureaucratic backwater, they are a recipe for which the Government and Parliamentarians, as they pass emergency laws, will be held personally responsible. They recommend focusing the refusal of critical clinical care on the most vulnerable members of all our families.

At first sight, NICE’s guidelines are a charter of permission to turn away those with dementia.  Given that some dementias come and go as they progress, this might be considered controversial in its own right. On closer observation, though, NICE goes further still to list anyone who is ‘confused’, struggling with communication or needing sustained support falling clearly into the cohort of citizens who must be turned away.

In what are going to be stretched times, this is a license to cut corners and set aside those with lives still to live.

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