They’re Coming for Our Kids

Jan 31, 2020 by

by James MacDonald, The Highland Times:

A week or so before Christmas I dug out The Muppet Christmas Carol for my six-year-old, I wanted to show him how I remembered Christmas and most of the current fare on offer was just a bit too ‘woke,’ to use the common parlance.

This is a route I see many parents going these days, quite a few people I know have done away with the television altogether and severely restrict all other viewing.

I’m sure there’s a market for the BBC to release old classics like The Box of Delights around this time of year, but that’s not on their agenda; precisely what the BBC’s agenda is will have to be the subject of another article.

So, it was at Christmas, at that most precious time of the year for every family, whilst watching The Muppet Christmas Carol with my six-year-old son, that my wife appeared at the living-room door and summoned me, conspiratorially, into the hall.

After waving goodbye to Gonzo and Miss Piggy, I followed my wife out, noticing she was now getting quite teary.

She handed me a piece of paper and sat down on the stairs, head in hands.

On the piece of paper was a picture of two adult figures, one male and one female, this was easy to discern as the figures were both stark naked.

My next observation was the lines radiating from below the figures’ waists, and then, in my son’s immature handwriting, were the names of various parts of the male and female genitalia.

Words like: penis, vulva and testicles.

It’s hard to describe the shock, I was confused, but my wife was deeply upset, almost traumatised.

She had taken this page from his school-book — his teacher giving every parent some classwork to view over the holidays.

If you don’t have little ones in your life it may be difficult to understand the shock of reading words like ‘penis’ and ‘vulva’ in a scribbly child’s hand, but for parents who care deeply about their children and worry every moment they are out of sight, it feels like a deep abuse of the principle of in loco parentis by the school and the teacher.

This incident set me on a month-long investigation to find out just what else my six-year-old boy was being exposed to.

The results of that investigation made my initial shock seem utterly ridiculous, fatuous, even silly.

If you’re of a sensitive disposition, I advise you not to read from here on, and I’m serious about that.

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