Thinking the unthinkable: Parents withdraw children from a week of school

Sep 6, 2019 by

by Paul Smith, Evangelical Times:

Withdrawing two primary-age children from a week of schooling is a step of last resort. But that is the point that two concerned parents reached just before the summer. Faced with a new Sex and Relationships Education curriculum, Matthew and Naomi Seymour felt they had no other choice. ET caught up with them to find out why, and how other parents might be affected.

How long have your children been in state schools?

We have three children. Our the eldest is about to go into Year 9, so this summer marks our ninth year with children in state schools. Due to moving house, our children have been in four different primary schools and two secondary schools.

How did you realise there was a new curriculum?

We were invited to join a consultation group in our two youngest children’s Warwickshire primary school. We’d been aware that there were some changes coming to teaching on gender, same-sex relationships and sex education, but didn’t realise how big these were.

We remember preparing for the session. Looking through the teaching outline for each year group we saw some really alarming content. In the consultation session the school shared more materials which worried us further.

About two weeks later, just before the end of the consultation, we were given access to the lesson plans. Now we were very alarmed about what was going to be taught.

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