Thirty days of Pride and lessons on white supremacy: inside Whitehall’s woke training regime

Sep 23, 2023 by

by By Steven Edginton and Gordon Rayner, Telegraph:

Government staff were urged to ‘dress up for Pride’ and bombarded with material on white privilege, leaked internal communications reveal.

The extent to which radical gender and race ideology is imposed on the Civil Service has been laid bare by a dossier of internal communications leaked to The Telegraph.

Staff in Government departments are being taught about gender ideology, which affirms the idea that people can choose their gender, while those with legally protected gender critical beliefs, who believe that you cannot change your biological sex, say they are bullied into silence.

Instead of clearing backlogs from the pandemic, staff are spending work time on attending lectures on LGBT+ issues or watching videos telling them biological men can use women-only facilities if they self-identify as female.

In one department, staff shared a “30 days of Pride” calendar, with daily videos and articles on topics including “transgender children” and “the history of the Stonewall riot”, that contained six hours of content.

Workers in government departments are also being bombarded with material about white privilege and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

A group of 42 staff members has now written to Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, warning that impartiality in the Civil Service is at risk and the woke takeover of Whitehall could affect policy decisions.

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