This inexcusable Tory silence on the trans controversy

Nov 27, 2019 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

ONE thing keeping many women awake at night is the issue of gender identity. We’re concerned that something we didn’t even know existed ten years ago, has gone mainstream and is damaging our lives and the lives of our children.

We are worried that teaching kids in primary school that they have their own inner gender identity, unanchored to their biological sex, which they need to discover for themselves (it may be any one of a hundred) may be highly confusing for them.

Parents of a little girl in Canada are suing her school for scaring and confusing her, after she came home one day, no longer happy and secure in the fact that she was a little girl.

We are worried that this, alongside social media contagion, may be helping to fuel the exponential increase in the number of young people presenting to gender clinics seeking to change their gender.

We are worried for these young people now, and later in life, if they make irreversible decisions that may render them infertile, medicalise them for life, and impact their ability to form healthy relationships.

Here is one of the most heartbreaking sentences I have ever read: ‘My once-beautiful daughter is now 19 years old, homeless, bearded, in extreme poverty, sterilised, not receiving mental health services, extremely mentally ill, and planning a radial forearm phalloplasty (a surgical procedure that removes part of her arm to construct a fake penis).’

We are worried that women are going to be hurt as more biological males play in female sports because they self-ID as female. We are also sad for the women who lose their places to these men.  

We are worried about much, much more, including the impact of the presence of biological males in women’s loos and changing rooms, as well as prisons and safe spaces such as refuges.

In fact, we are so worried that more and more women are setting up groups to challenge this ideology. These include Fair Play for Women, WomensPlaceUK, the SafeSchoolsAlliance, the LGB Alliance, ForWomen.Scotland and I will have missed out many more.

We have an election in less than three weeks. For women who are worried about these issues, what is the best way to vote?

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