Thought for today: Runners give way to the gender tyrants

Jun 16, 2018 by

by Ann Farmer, The Conservative Woman:

Mia Harris, a campaigner for LGBTQ rights, has called on Parkrun, which organises free weekly runs in public parks up and down the country, to offer participants the option not to disclose their sex or gender.

Parkrun tweeted in response: ‘Thanks for raising the issue – we are working on changing the registration process to be more inclusive.’

Parkrun’s reply seems to be a reflection of the general moral malaise afflicting the Western world, which has no answer to the unreasonable demands of the sexual diversity campaign but abject surrender; and abject surrender only encourages more extreme demands.

The Government has already announced that individuals will be able to define their own gender and has promised to go ahead with the ‘reform’ of the Gender Recognition Act.

However we are now going beyond pacifying the ‘trans’ campaign to placating the ‘gender fluid’ campaign. For example, one school has already introduced ‘gender-free’ races.

Mia Harris complains that Parkrun’s website is ‘based on the simplistic – and incorrect – idea that everybody falls into one of two neat categories: men who are biologically male or women who are biologically female’. This ‘strict division’ of runners by sex ‘appears to ignore the estimated 1.7 per cent of the population who are intersex’, having ‘a reproductive system that does not typically fit into either a male or female categorisation’, she says. The medical descriptions of these very rare disorders of sex development can be found here.

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