Three Archbishops choose different paths leading their provinces

Jun 23, 2021 by

by David Virtue, Virtueonline:

One archbishop spends his time apologizing; another spends his time pushing a bevy of social justice issues. The third exhorts the faithful to discipleship and good works

Three archbishops in the Anglican Communion clarify what it means to lead their provinces and the future they are creating for their fellow Anglicans.

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s leadership increasingly involves issues regarding climate change and a Living In Love And Faith report that will inevitably broker in a variety of sexualities to all pastoral levels of the church. One observer noted, Living in Love and Faith will be a roadmap to the extinction of the C of E. Welby’s leadership also involves endless apologies for a list of his Church’s sins, real or imagined, that he feels he must make to atone for the church’s historic past.

Words like ‘innovative’ and ‘transformational’ drip from Welby’s lips, becoming the woke language of inclusion. The words mean nothing in practical terms but give off an aura of relevance and high miteredness, as if one were sipping tea with the Queen.

Take this from a press release from Lambeth Palace which says it all: ‘The Church’s current focuses for action aim to facilitate the institution in becoming an effective, energetically conceptualized catalyst for change through delivering long-term, high-impact, sustainable holistic outputs at every opportunity. Through varying programmes of intrinsically compelling engagements with a range of under-represented actors, while being consciously aware of our white privilege and guilt for everything from civilisation up, the Church seeks to engineer growth strategies through a synergistic dynamic model of cultural self-denigration, while resource-maximizing solutions and paradigms leading to transformative annihilation’.

You might need a Ph.D. or a long indecipherable lecture from former ABC Rowan Williams to explain that sentence.

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