Three cheers for the Church of England Evangelical Council’s statement on marriage and sex

Feb 1, 2018 by

by David Baker, Christian Today:

For evangelicals in the Church of England and wider Anglican Communion, it has sometimes felt like there has not been much to celebrate in recent years.

A once united constituency has fragmented into a plethora of smaller groupings, with some degree of mutual suspicion between them. Many have had concerns over a perceived liberal drift in the CofE’s direction – even with two archbishops whose backgrounds are firmly evangelical. Others have commented on a perceived vacuum of the sort of leadership which would command wide support.

But now, at last, that situation may just have changed. The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) – originally set up by the famous Anglican clergyman John Stott half a century or so ago – has issued what it calls a ‘reflection’ on Anglicanism, marriage and sex. Here are some reasons why evangelicals of whatever hue or shade should rejoice:

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