Three reasons Christianity matters

Sep 22, 2020 by

By Stephen Kneale, Building Jerusalem:

[…] People may not be asking the question ‘is Christianity true?’ so much anymore. But it is hard to get around the fact that Christianity matters – at least in part – because it’s true. If it weren’t true, there would be no harm in ignoring it altogether. That is, in many ways, most people’s view of most things they don’t believe. You can think whatever you want and I will just ignore it. But if you simply ignore something because you don’t think it matters, and you are in danger as you ignore it, suddenly the truthfulness of the thing is what makes it matter altogether. So, what matters and what is true are, to some extent, linked. Christianity matters, in part, because it is true.

Depending on your generation, personality type and a few other things, most people value what is temporal. It could be money, status, experiences, identity or whatever. But these things are temporal and will not last forever. Christianity matters because it addresses realities that such things cannot touch. It speaks to eternal matters that, simply by virtue of the length of time, are far more significant than anything else we tend to prize.

Not only does Christianity speak to matters that almost anything else we value cannot and does not, it offers what these other things cannot and do not. Many are desperately searching for meaning, but on the standard issue secular humanist worldview that largely holds sway, meaning is a mirage. We create our own meaning. We impose meaning subjectively onto things. Which inevitably makes the search for meaning fruitless because it is inevitably hollow. The Christian worldview offers meaning outside of ourselves that is not subjective. It offers meaning beyond ourselves that is not arbitrary.

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