Tory MP lists prayer alongside rape in proposed ‘conversion therapy’ ban

Feb 6, 2021 by

from The Christian Institute:

A Conservative MP has listed prayer alongside grotesque acts such as ‘corrective rape’ as she called on the Government to ban so-called conversion therapy.

Writing for The House magazine, Alicia Kearns, MP for Rutland and Melton, said the “fraudulent and abhorrent practice” must be criminalised, as existing laws do not enable prosecution where no physical harm has been caused.

She said any attempt to stop someone from expressing their chosen gender identity or sexual orientation is ‘conversion therapy’, which she said “can range from ‘therapy’ and prayer sessions, to aversive treatments like electroshocks or even ‘corrective’ rape”.

Court orders

Kearns said a ban had to include “not only conversion therapy to change sexual orientation” but also “non-consensual attempts to prevent someone from expressing their own identity”.

She made it clear that she wants a ban to include parents seeking to protect their children.

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