Tory MPs call for gay couples to be allowed to marry in church

May 18, 2018 by

from PA:

Gay people should be allowed to get married in churches, two Tory MPs have said, amid calls for leadership on the issue from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Senior MP Nigel Evans said he was “clearly a second class Christian, but a first class gay” given he could not get married in a church in England.

Former Army officer Bob Stewart, meanwhile, said he was wrong to have voted against equal marriage legislation “because I’ve seen the joy it’s given so many people”.

Mr Evans said: “I mentioned the royal wedding. A billion people will be tuning in to watch that happy event. I’ll certainly watch it.

“But whilst I am watching that happy event, one thing will flash through my mind, and that is that I am a Christian.

“Clearly a second class Christian, but a first class gay. Why? Because I wouldn’t be allowed to walk down the aisle with somebody that I loved and get married in a church in England.

“My message to Justin Welby is I understand why, because of the church in Africa and some other countries where they’re not as progressive as we are.

“But he needs to show leadership. He really does, in our country, to ensure that gay Christian people can get married and enjoy a big day, just as Harry and Meghan are going to do on Saturday.”

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